Image types

Live ISO images

Every ISO image comes in two flavors. You have the base image, and the desktop image.

Base images

Base images are fully bootable. However, they only come with a small set of packages and therefore only provide a console environment. You should use base images if you want complete control over what your final system will be like, but such setups also require more knowledge.

Desktop images

Desktop images come with a full graphical environment. The official desktop for Chimera is GNOME. There are other graphical environments available in the repositories.

If you want a GNOME setup, you will want to use a desktop image. It comes with a more complete environment including a web browser and other basic software.

Desktop images by default boot into a Wayland environment. There is a separate bootloader option if that does not work for you for some reason.

Device images

Some devices cannot be supported with the live images. They are typically single-board computers that use the U-Boot or a similar bootloader.

Chimera has the compressed .img files for download, which can be flashed onto an SD card or similar. It also comes with rootfs tarballs from which the .img files can be generated using Chimera’s tooling.