Video games

It is possible to play video games on Chimera.

Several open source titles are packaged in the regular repositories in the contrib and user sections. These include:

  • OpenMW
  • Xonotic
  • Sauerbraten
  • Crispy DOOM/Heretic/…
  • The PCSX2 emulator
  • with the list growing


Valve’s Gamescope compositor is available in the contrib repository. You can install it like:

# apk add gamescope

This is handy for various things like scaling, limiting framerate, and so on. It is especially useful when running Chimera on handheld gaming consoles such as the Steam Deck.


Steam may be acquired from Flatpak.

You may want to also install the steam-devices-udev package from the contrib repository, which will allow various input devices (e.g. the DualShock controllers and VR systems) to function out of the box.


Games present on Flathub and other repositories should function out of the box.


You can play Minecraft natively on Chimera on the x86_64 architecture (and possibly others with custom JARs).

First, you will need Java. Install OpenJDK 17:

# apk add openjdk17

You will then need a launcher; there is PrismLauncher in the contrib repository:

# apk add prismlauncher

As Minecraft comes with native binaries built for Glibc in its packaging, the gcompat system is required, as well as some native libraries to replace them.

# apk add gcompat openal-soft

Chances are you already had openal-soft installed previously, so you may only need gcompat.

Afterwards, you can open PrismLauncher, log in to your account, and install a version of the game.

The game will not launch out of the box. Therefore, right-click the version you installed, edit it, go to Settings, the “Custom commands” tab, check the “Custom Commands” checkbox, and add the following to “Wrapper command”:

env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/

This will allow some of the bundled libraries to work. However, the bundled OpenAL still will not work because of C++ standard library mismatch; thus go to the “Workarounds” tab, check “Use system installation of OpenAL” and add the following:


Close the settings window, and the game should run.