Welcome to the Chimera Linux handbook.

Chimera is an independent, general-purpose, rolling-release Linux distribution developed from scratch. It utilizes a FreeBSD-based userland, musl C library and the LLVM toolchain, along with the dinit service manager. Its primary focus is correctness, consistency and simplicity, but not at the expense of feature set; its primary desktop environment is GNOME.

The purpose of this documentation is to provide distro-specific information in one place. You can help extend the documentation by contributing into our repository. Keep in mind that it is not supposed to be a book about Linux in general.

Chimera is also a collaborative project developed by a small team of volunteers, generally for fun and without monetary gain. Therefore, it relies on community contributions to thrive.

The name refers to being made up of seemingly unrelated, incompatible pieces. The logo represents our solid, stable building blocks and openness.