A modern, general-purpose Linux distribution

Chimera is a general-purpose Linux-based OS born from unhappiness with the status quo. We aim to create a system that is simple, transparent, and easy to pick up, without having to give up practicality and a rich feature set.

It is built from scratch using novel tooling, approaches, and userland. Instead of intentionally limiting ourselves, we strive to achieve both conceptual simplicity and convenience with careful and high quality software design.

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Alternative userland.

Chimera uses a novel combination of core tools from FreeBSD, the LLVM toolchain, and the Musl C library, delivering a fresh experience with several major benefits.

Clean and consistent.

Chimera aims to eliminate legacy cruft where possible to deliver a modern, general purpose, fully featured operating system that is simple but complete.

Buildable from source.

Chimera is a binary distribution, but a source package build system is provided, enabling easy packaging of new software, builds of custom packages, and accessible infrastructure.


You can use Chimera on all kinds of processors, including Intel/AMD, ARM AArch64, POWER and RISC-V. Central build system ensures packages are available everywhere.

Recent news (feed)

July 12, 2024

Welcoming a new committer

Since @triallax has been doing a bunch of excellent work in addition to being a great community member, we have decided to grow the cports committers list a bit.

Additionally, @nekopsykose is now a project owner, so it’s no longer just @q66.

Congrats to both :)

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July 07, 2024

New images

As of 07 July 2024 new images have been published.

These are an incremental refresh with new software. They bring various minor changes.

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