New images

As of 21 April 2024 new images have been published.

These are mainly an incremental refresh. They bring a variety of package updates and minor quality of life improvements, and most importantly updated apk-tools.


The graphical images are based on GNOME 46 and Linux kernel 6.6, alongside a variety of up to date software, such as the LLVM 18 toolchain.

The apk package manager in this set fully supports the zstd compression. The distribution will start rolling out packages compressed with zstd in the coming days (no world rebuild will happen yet but newly built packages will be compressed with it).

The installer scripts had minor changes done in them, some of them user-visible. Notably, chimera-chroot will now alter the prompt to be less confusing, and it makes bind-mounted pseudo-filesystems properly unmountable.

The ISOs are newly based on GRUB 2.12. If this causes any regressions, please report them. All the ISO images were tested on their respective architectures without any issues found.

The MNT Reform images have been dropped. The packaging of the bootloader was unsatisfactory (done from binary builds) and there haven’t been any opportunities to figure out a proper source build. Additionally, the vendor now seems to be favoring newer SOMs by default. If you are interested in maintaining support for this or any other hardware, please reach out to us on one of the official channels.

Upcoming changes

There will be at least one more refresh before beta. Beta will likely come with a world rebuild, which means zstd for all packages.