New images again

A new set of images has been released once again.

This is once again a refresh without any major functionality changes outside of new software; but it does bring important changes to apk-tools as well as out of the box support for Raspberry Pi 5. It comes with GNOME 45 and kernel 6.1.


As far as live-specific changes go, the strange GRUB message about “booting in blind mode” should now be gone. This was always harmless but was causing confusion in some users.

Additionally, the version of apk-tools available in these images comes with full support for xattr metadata. That means we will stop using post-install scripts for this in repo packages and instead migrate to this. That means you should always install from at least this version of the images from now on - older images may not work correctly for installations.

Raspberry Pi 5 is now supported in the Raspberry Pi images. The support has been present in cports since October and you could always generate your own image with chimera-live, but now there is no need to as the available images will work.

Outside of that, a lot of software has been updated, which affects the live image as well. Most notably, this means using GNOME 45 now.

Upcoming changes

This is a transitional set. The next set of images will probably come in relatively near future; this will bring some more major changes, for instance the Linux 6.6 kernel (which will become the new LTS) as well as quite possibly an installer and support for zstd in packages instead of zlib/deflate.