New images

A new set of images has been released once again.

This is mostly a refresh. The previous images still work fine for installation. These new images bring updated software, and a few other functional changes.

Major updates

  1. The dinit-chimera core service set has been overhauled.
  2. NTP is active by default in the live images, so you will get correct date/time even without RTC as long as connected to the network.
  3. To avoid having files with timestamps in the future on hardware without an RTC, the new swclock service will synchronize time to at least a specific timestamp.
  4. PipeWire is now always implicitly active if present.
  5. The GNOME images no longer come with an X11 server (outside of XWayland). It can still be installed from the contrib repo.
  6. HDMI audio should now work universally, as well as sound on some laptops and devices such as the Steam Deck.
  7. And various minor changes.