Chimera Linux is a free software project with its own infrastructure. This page describes the various pieces of it.

Getting involved

First you should read the Community page, as it contains important information, such as where to find our communication channels and the conduct guidelines. Other links are available below.

We do not and will not ask you to sign any kind of CLA (Contributor License Agreement).

If you are unsure whether your work is of sufficient quality, please submit it anyway. There is a good chance you will be able to receive helpful feedback as a part of the review process.

Code hosting

Our code repositories are hosted on GitHub. The official organization of the project is here.

Most development happens in the cports repository, which provides all packaging data of the system. Its repository is located here.

Other repository links:

On top of that, the project develops various standalone tools that can be used elsewhere, which have their own repositories, such as:

Package builds

We use Buildbot as a central buildsystem that picks up changes from cports and builds them for all official architectures. The web interface is available here.

Package database

The package database is searchable here.

Central repository

The repository is available here. It has all of our packages, as well as live images, tarballs and static binaries of apk for all supported architectures.

Update checking

The cbuild system is capable of automated update checking. There is a nightly update check here. This file contains a list of templates with available updates, sorted by maintainer and refreshed every night after midnight CET.