A modern, general-purpose non-GNU Linux distribution

Chimera aims to be a clean and usable general-purpose Linux OS.

In order to get there, it tries to liberate itself from the common baggage of most Linux-based systems and do its own thing. Software is sourced from different places and sometimes written from scratch.

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Alternative userland.

Chimera is not a GNU/Linux - its userland tools are based on FreeBSD, LLVM serves as the system toolchain, and musl provides the C library implementation.

Clean and consistent.

Chimera aims to eliminate legacy cruft where possible to deliver a modern, general purpose, fully featured operating system that is simple but complete.

Buildable from source.

While the system uses apk-tools and therefore binary packaging, it aims to be trivially buildable from source using a build system and package collection created from scratch.


You can use Chimera on all kinds of processors, including Intel/AMD, ARM AArch64, POWER and RISC-V. Architecture tiering system ensures optimal support.

The distribution is in heavy development. Right now, it is a relatively complete graphical system with a multimedia stack and a web browser, capable of running Wayland and X11 environments, such as GNOME and Enlightenment. However, it is still source-based (meaning you have to compile everything yourself) and undergoes frequent refactoring, so it is not yet safe to use.

Initial bootable ISO images for x86_64 and ppc64le are now available. Check the Downloads page for links and instructions. Note that these are pre-alpha quality and are provided solely for testing purposes.

It is currently planned that the distribution will stabilize once apk-tools has released a stable 3.x version. Chimera currently relies on a Git snapshot of apk-tools.

Recent news

May 19, 2022

Hello world!

This is the beginning of the new project website, powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Nothing much else to put here for now.

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